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How do Xiggit deductions affect my payroll?
How do Xiggit deductions affect my payroll?
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Xiggit payroll deductions behave just like other payroll deductions. The deductions are calculated against the employee's gross income and become a post-tax deduction directly on the employee's paycheck.

This changes the amount of their net pay. When your employees begin contributing to Xiggit, your overall net payroll will lessen by the cumulative deduction amounts. Xiggit will deduct the cumulative deduction amounts from the bank account that was provided during registration.

For example, if you typically have $10,000 in net payroll, and your employees contribute a total of $800 per pay cycle, your new net payroll will be $9,200 and we will transfer $800 from your bank account to your employees' Xiggit benefits' accounts.

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