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How do I apply for my CalSavers exemption/waiver?
How do I apply for my CalSavers exemption/waiver?

Now that you've selected Xiggit as your CalSavers alternative, you need to apply for your CalSavers exemption.

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NOTE: If you don't already have an account with CalSavers, you will need to request your access code so you can register. You can request an access code by providing your EIN and Zip Code in the CalSavers portal.

With your access code in hand, you'll need to head to the CalSavers portal to certify your exemption. First, head to the CalSavers "Get started with CalSavers page."

From the "Get started..." screen, enter your Federal EIN / TIN and Access code and click Get started.

You may need to fill in your company information if you have not signed in to the portal before.

The next screen is where you will file your exemption. Select the item Payroll deduction IRAs - must have automatic enrollment. Answer the optional question if you wish, and click Next.

Finally, you'll review your exemption request. Enter your name in the Certified by box and click Submit to submit your exemption request.

Congratulations! You have successfully submitted your exemption! You have the option here to print the page for your records. However, we'd like to suggest a kinder approach to the environment and save the document as a PDF instead.

We're glad you have chosen Xiggit as your CalSavers alternative. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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