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How much does Xiggit cost?
How much does Xiggit cost?

Individuals are free to enroll in Xiggit as well! We charge a low monthly fee when you carry a balance.

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Xiggit believes everyone is entitled to affordable benefits, not just employees! Our platform is open to individuals as well.

For individuals on our platform (those not sponsored by an employer), you can still take advantage of all of the features in the Xiggit app! We charge individuals a low $5/month account fee while you carry a balance on our platform. Your first full month on the platform is always free!

If your account is sponsored by your employer (your contributions are being paid directly from your paycheck), then your employer covers your account fee.

How do I know if I'm carrying a balance on your platform?

You will be carrying a balance on the platform if you have any money (a positive balance) in your Xiggit Savings Account or Xiggit IRA on any given day during a month. If this is true, your account will be subject to a $5 account fee in the next month.

How is the fee paid?

The fee will be paid directly at the beginning of each month from the bank account you have on file in the Xiggit app.

Here is an example

Jamie created her account on July 10 and enrolled in our IRA the same day. She begins funding $20/week into her IRA and her first contribution is applied to her account on July 15. Because she started carrying a balance in July, and her first full month is free, she will be assessed her first Xiggit account fee in September.

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