Employees who are automatically registered in the Xiggit platform begin a 30-day enrollment period. Employee contributions will start in the first paycheck after the 30-day enrollment period.

Let's see an example

Jane works for Bob's House of Consumer Electronics and Beef Jerky. Bob's payroll is on the 1st and 15th of the month. Jane is automatically enrolled on the Xiggit platform on June 20.

  • On June 23, Xiggit (on Bob's behalf) will notify Jane that Bob's has partnered with Xiggit to offer an exciting new benefit.

  • On June 27, Jane's 30-day enrollment window will start. Xiggit will welcome Jane to the platform and provide instructions on how to customize her contributions or opt-out.

  • Between June 27 and July 27, Xiggit will communicate regularly with Jane about the platform's benefits and provide instructions on how to customize her contributions or opt-out (if she hasn't already). NOTE: If Jane opts out of Xiggit, we will remove her from the 30-day enrollment window.

  • On July 20, Xiggit will set up Jane's contribution percentage in Bob's payroll provider. NOTE: If Jane opts out of Xiggit between July 20 and July 31, then Xiggit will make every effort to remove their contribution so it does not process in that first paycheck.

  • On August 1, Jane's first Xiggit payroll deduction will be processed from her paycheck.

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